International Women’s Day at Fletcher

Global Women is a students’ organization at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University, USA). Since 2013, Global Women creates a photo  exhibit to celebrate International Women’s Day. We ask Masters and PhD students at Fletcher to submit photos of women who inspire us to work toward social justice.  The responses we receive each year are incredible. We gather photos ranging from famous women who students have worked with, to family members who inspire our students on a personal level, to phenomenal women who work in both official and unofficial capacities to make life better for their families, communities, and the entire world. The women pictured in the photos range in age, nationality, and religion, and show the diverse nature of the women who inspire us. This exhibit serves to honor those women, and all of the women who work daily to end inequality and injustice in their communities.  Please enjoy below the photos and descriptions!  Thank you to the students and leadership of Global Women for making this exhibit a reality!